UX Designer (Junior to Mid-level) at Last Call Media

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As a member of our growing design team, Junior and Mid-level UX Designers will work closely with other designers, producers, developers, and clients throughout the project lifecycle.


At both levels, a successful UX Designer:

  • Brings the experiences we build closer to the needs of their audience, in an efficient and effective way. Our Design Team frequently conducts research activities like audience interviews and usability testing, and frames all of our design work in personas and journeys rooted in that research.
  • Actively grow their design practice, by both learning on the job and taking advantage of educational opportunities. Last Call provides an unlimited professional development budget that the Design Team frequently uses to attend events and workshops, both together and individually.
  • Work directly with clients, presenting their designs and articulating their audience-centered strategies
  • Coordinate with Sr Level Designers and Producers to shape and fulfill project strategy.
  • Work closely with the rest of the Design Team by participating in daily meetings, giving and receiving feedback, and contributing to the team’s Design Handbook.


As a member of our growing design team, Junior and Mid-level UX Designers will work closely with other designers, producers, developers, and clients throughout the project lifecycle, enabling us and our clients to deliver effective, human-centered solutions. Ideal candidates should be looking to contribute to multiple areas of the UX design process, such as research, analysis, information architecture, content strategy, concept development, interaction design, UI design, or accessibility, with any level of experience in each being welcome. Over time, they should also be looking to develop strengths as a leader in the UX design process, such planning, coaching/mentorship in one’s chosen skill areas, and facilitation of design as a team-driven process.

  • The Design Team at Last Call Media’s highest priority is making sure the experiences we build work for the audiences they’re built for. This human-centered approach necessitates thoughtful research and an empathetic approach toward users as well as clients and colleagues.
  • At Last Call Media, we like to do work with purpose-much of our work is for government, higher ed, and non-profit clients, most often improving or redesigning their web experiences. We also work with commercial clients, and on web applications and internal products.
  • This listing is for positions at multiple levels. Below are our definitions for the levels. You’ll assign yourself a level as part of your application and, should you be interviewed, we’ll discuss it with you then:
  • Junior UX Designers have started developing skills in multiple areas of UX design, with some education and/or project experience under their belts. With frequent communication and feedback from peers, they lead design activities themselves, while contributing to more complex projects with coaching/mentorship from other designers at Last Call.
  • Mid-level UX Designers have professional experience working in teams and/or solo on multiple design projects. Mid-level UX Designers are fairly autonomous, working with other designers for feedback and coaching, while able to manage design work of moderate complexity themselves.
  • An opening for a Senior UX Designer is available under a separate listing, available here: https://apply.workable.com/j/0BD4967ED6

As a fully remote company, we welcome applicants from any country or location.

All designers at Last Call Media are:

  • Empathetic. The primary role of design at Last Call Media is to bring the audience’s perspective into the experiences we create. So, our designers need to be eager to dig deep to understand that audience and keep them top of mind throughout the work we do.
  • Thoughtful. A key element to navigating conversations as an audience-centric designer is to always ask “Why?” We do this to avoid addressing symptoms, and make sure we’re creating effective solutions by addressing root problems.
  • Highly collaborative. We strive not just to depict our own individual vision, but a shared vision. To achieve this, the Design Team meets every day to support each other in our work and in our personal growth as designers. We also meet frequently with project teams, seeking feedback from Producers and clients and incorporating it into our work.
  • Comprehensive and detail-oriented. Designers at Last Call conduct robust discovery, often consisting of interviews and audits, and resulting in detailed project documentation. To ensure the resulting experiences are built as intended, designers at Last Call are meticulous and detail-oriented, taking care to create robust documentation for their designs, fully detailing the functionality and behavior of what’s depicted.
  • Dedicated to self-improvement. Last Call provides an unlimited professional development budget that the design team frequently uses to attend events and workshops, either individually or as a group. In addition, you’ll find that peers across LCM are committed to ongoing reflection and continuous improvement through team retrospectives and company-wide initiatives.

Everyone at Last Call Media:

  • Is self-directed. Last Call Media has a non-traditional organizational structure, and you won’t have a “manager.” Successful LCM staff set their own goals for the contributions they want to make, based on frequent collaboration, support, and guidance from peers.
  • Communicates frequently. Last Call heavily emphasizes checking in “early and often.” We do this not only to maintain alignment on a shared vision, but also so our work can benefit from multiple perspectives. It’s important for us to know when to ask for feedback or help, and to not hesitate to do so.
  • Strives to work ethically and inclusively. Read our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement
  • Maintains a good work/ life balance. While this can take many forms across many individuals, employees at Last Call are not required to communicate outside of working hours, and the majority of them don’t.
  • Works remotely. We are a fully remote company.
  • Sets working hours to have an at least 5 hour overlap with 9:00 am - 5:00 pm eastern time (EDT/EST), although the specifics vary from person to person. What matters is that your team can count on you to attend meetings and meet project deadlines.

Utilizes Slack, Zoom, and Jira for frequent daily communication.

More information about the benefits of working at Last Call media can be found at our Life at Last Call Media page https://lastcallmedia.com/life

Sounds good? How to apply

Applicants should submit a current resume and be prepared to submit reference(s) upon request.

To ensure an equitable hiring practice, we ask that interested candidates do not reach out to employees of Last Call directly about their application-if you submit, we promise that your application will be seen and considered, and that you will receive a reply.

If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll reach out and begin the interview process. We conduct two rounds of interviews with eligible applicants; a technical round focused on determining if your skillset is a fit for this role, and a second round focused on determining whether Last Call is a good match for you. After conducting those interviews, we’ll make our decision. All candidates are notified when a decision is made about their application.


Salary range for this role: This position is compensated at a salary commensurate with skill and experience, at a range with a minimum of $70,000 USD annually for Junior Designers, and at a range with a minimum of $90,000 USD annually for Mid-level Designers. (Salaries are adjusted for country location.)

Last Call Media offers comprehensive benefits, including:

  • Health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Unlimited professional development budget.
  • Flexible PTO policy.
  • Company-provided laptop.
  • 401k matching (US citizens only.)

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