Product Designer at Artifact

1 month ago Design & Art Middle, Senior Full-Time

We’re looking for our first product designer to join our Insights product team. We build the core analytical features that help our customers analyze and synthesize qualitative data.

We'd love to hear from you if you:

  • Love tackling ambiguous problems and shaping them into clear goals
  • Leverage prototyping skills to articulate your designs, especially in cases where interactions may be particularly nuanced
  • Value high quality well crafted visual design, and care about the details
  • Value systems thinking, and understand that your processes and work are one component of a larger ecosystem that create and enable business and customer success


We’re growing our product team at Artifact so we can entrench our product market fit, build scalable and delightful products, and get them into the hands of the right qualified customers. Artifact helps teams centralize qualitative data into a single source of truth, and uses advanced but proven AI methods to synthesize actionable insights so they can instantly understand what’s most important to their customers.

We’re looking for our first product designer to join our Insights product team. We build the core analytical features that help our customers analyze and synthesize qualitative data. These features are responsible for the specification of needed insights, and the ability to visualize and understand the analytical results. We pay special attention to how to make insights clear, immediately and intuitively actionable, and applicable to specific business department users.

We believe that this product should eliminate the differentiation of qualitative data vs. quantitative data— it should all just be “data”.

This is a rare opportunity to help shape the way businesses think about their customer data, and in turn use it to enhance the customer experience.

This is a full-time role that can be held from one of our US hubs or remotely in the United States.

What you’ll do at Artifact:

  • Contribute to overall strategy and decision-making about product direction
  • Defining, prioritizing, and delivering outcomes with your team
  • Work cross-functionally with product management, engineering, and design peers
  • Create, collaborate, and iterate on flows, prototypes, and high-fidelity visuals
  • Design and ship high quality product improvements
  • Define pragmatic design decisions that are highly likely to improve customer delight and success.

Some problems you’ll solve:

  • What types of insights do specific teams and departments need?
  • What adds velocity to how actionable an insight is?
  • How do we blend multiple types of data into a single critical insight?
  • How can we increase trust and explainability in the insights we show?

Artifact Memes (How we behave at work...)

  • Transparently documented communication: we leave documented breadcrumbs in every decision we make so that those we collaborate with in the future have the necessary context, and can adequately support us in future decision making.
  • Tiny, frequent, and constantly kept agreements: every single day, we break down initiatives into tiny agreements we make with our team that we are 100% certain we can keep.
  • Strategy before story telling: before we build narratives for our vision and initiatives we prioritize the process of establishing what we’ll do next, why that is the correct thing to do next, and identify risks and trade-offs.
  • Focus on good decision making and long-term results: we believe strongly that you ****are not the results of a single decision, nor do the results of a single decision deride your ability to make sound decisions. We are long, bullish, and team You— and focus on the results of consecutive intentional decisions.
  • Systems thinking: we have seen most objective-result focused organizations fall into a trap of fleeting meaningless goals. Rather than a goals-based mindset, we ask you to develop an outcomes-based and diagnostics-based mindset. Design a system and establish what needs to change to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Establish clear lines of responsibility: Document what you're trying to accomplish, why you're trying to accomplish it, and who will be responsible for specific initiatives.
  • Practice proactive accountability: we ask you to practice introspection and proactively assume accountability for your decisions.
  • Remove your ego: when your ego is involved you become so internally absorbed that it's difficult to level-up and see what's happening and how you're behaving. Check it at the door.
  • Work cross functionally: We don’t tolerate, support, or allow employees, teams, or departments to prioritize job descriptions over the success of the business. We are building a business. We are not here to build a pipeline, close opportunities, design products, or write code or algorithms. We are building a business. Work together to accomplish this outcome.
  • Identify risks and assumptions: be honest and self aware with yourself and your team about what you don’t know. Assess your risks. Identify what you need to learn. Then dive in and do your best work.
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