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we’re looking for help with our front-end client applications built on the Ember.js. If you have experience in modern javascript frameworks such as Vue.js, React, or Angular.js we are interested in speaking with you, so long as you are excited by the idea of working in the framework.


  • We prefer not to set specific requirements for candidates - We know everyone has different career journeys and that’s something we embrace. If you feel confident that you would fit well into this role, we would like for you to apply!
  • High level, that’s the job. We’re sure you have more detailed questions about the role and are excited to answer them during the interview process.


Company Introduction:

Popular Pays is a marketplace that connects brands and creators to produce custom content that works. Our primary product is a tech platform that streamlines the traditional content creation and influencer marketing process. Popular Pays provides marketers with the necessary tools to be successful in today’s modern social marketing landscape.

PopPays is a Y Combinator alum – “the world’s most powerful start-up incubator” according to Fast Company – and our top-notch client list includes brands like Hyatt, Kraft, Coca Cola, Frito Lay, Jim Beam, M&Ms, Amazon, Samsung, Corona, TOMS, and many more.


The Role:

  • Do you love Javascript and are looking for a new challenge? You might be perfect for our Javascript specialist role we are currently looking to fill as we grow our team in 2022.
  • As you might imagine, we’re looking for help with our front-end client applications built on the Ember.js. If you have experience in modern javascript frameworks such as Vue.js, React, or Angular.js we are interested in speaking with you, so long as you are excited by the idea of working in the framework. We believe the right person can get up to speed with a new technology and contribute in a meaningful way if the passion to do so is there.
  • We’re not looking just for a front-end guru. We love design and appreciate code elegance in styling web UIs, but your specialty in Javascript will also be used in our scraper application, written on Node.js. The application is responsible for integrating with our social network partner’s APIs and payload normalization and is the backbone of the Popular Pays ecosystem.
  • You will be a go-to resource for input on architecture and implementation for client and server based features scoped for our projects.
  • We’re looking for a product owner for our Node.js scraper application who can help us constantly enhance and implement updates. As such, you will also be a stakeholder in our project planning cycles and have the opportunity to lead projects technically if you want that experience.

Does this kind of work and responsibility excite you?


We pay competitively across the tech industry (our HQ is in Chicago) based on where we believe you measure up on our engineering ladder regardless of where you choose to call home. We offer many of the perks you’ll find at other tech companies - company-issued computer, monthly office stipend, 401k, maternity & paternity leave, and generous PTO.

Engineering Culture:

  • Here’s a high-level overview of the core values of our engineering team:
  • We believe engineering teammates are owners of the Product.
  • We believe in being lean, scoping projects, shipping continuously, communicating the good and bad.
  • We believe in failure - it makes us stronger.
  • We believe in shipping and iteration, not endless deliberation and inaction.
  • We believe you thrive in a feedback heavy culture.
  • We are opinionated, but open to ideas.
  • We believe in writing code that follows existing patterns where applicable and writing code that can be easily understood by the next person that works on it - we favor avoiding complexity over cleverness and over-optimized solutions.
  • We believe in asking for forgiveness not for permission - autonomy and self-management are important on our lean team.
  • We're an outputs not an hours motivated organization. We expect our teammates to be productive and active contributors to our business.

Pretty straightforward stuff, but we feel like it’s important to have an identity and practice what we preach.

Initial Application:

When you apply please be prepared to share the following with us:

A resume that highlights your skills and experience relative to the role above.

A CV that tells us:

A little about yourself

What you bring to Popular Pays

What you hope to accomplish with your time at Popular Pays

Something that excites you about Popular Pays

Something you’ve done recently that you’re proud of (it does not have to be relevant to writing software!)

Our goal is to learn as much about you as possible with your resume and CV! We take a holistic approach to hiring - we’re humans first and we believe the ability to create something worth sharing is more than the surface level of being able to write code.

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you!

About Us:

Popular Pays is the leading platform for agile advertising. Advertising is in a moment of transition and we’re betting that the way that work gets done in the future is a powerful mix of creativity + technology. We’ve built the modern approach to advertising: a global network of creators, a platform to streamline operations, and an expert service team to guide you along the way. The results are that our customers' creative gets to market faster, makes a bigger impact, and we add flexibility into their operations.

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