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3 weeks ago Development & Programming Senior Full-Time

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We are a vertically-integrated application platform, built to re-invent how decentralized applications are built, deployed, and experienced. Our mission is to simplify multi-chain application development and break down unnecessary barriers without sacrificing the decentralized ethos of Web3. By leveraging our platform, developers can easily collaborate and scale their applications to the entire IBC ecosystem, made discoverable with a unified platform for end-users.

For Developers:

We’re developers, and we streamline the development and distribution of interchain applications from ideation to launch. Our values? Collaboration, convention, and modularity. Our tooling includes a full-stack CosmWasm framework, on-chain application-management infrastructure, a developer console, and our Accounts, our modular smart-contract wallet.

For Users:

Imagine interacting with apps on multiple chains without ever worrying about bridging, switching chains, or even spending gas. We’re working towards a Web3 experience indistinguishable from web2, without sacrificing the benefits. This is made possible through our Accounts, offering full user sovereignty and seamless cross-chain interactions over IBC.

The Role

We are looking for a full-stack engineer who will work on architecting, developing and scaling the frontend and backend systems for our platform. You’ll work across the stack on making polished, user-facing frontends, building robust backend systems, architecting and maintaining reliable off-chain indexers, IBC, relayers, analytics, CLIs and anything else that needs to get built.

This role is a great fit for someone who has experience with and enjoys quickly shipping full-stack apps and systems from zero to one while working across all parts of the stack. Ability to quickly learn new technologies as needed is an important part of succeeding in this role.


Even if the listed qualifications don't seem like an exact match, passionate and enthusiastic people who love to quickly learn are always welcome! Feel free to reach out or apply regardless and we would love to chat.

  • Prior experience with frontend technologies, such as Typescript, React, GraphQL, Tailwind, and Typescript
  • High-level understanding of how blockchains (consensus, transactions, blocks, etc.) and smart-contracts work
  • Prior experience with backend technologies and languages, such as Postgres, Redis, GraphQL (flexible requirement)
  • 1-2 years of prior experience in a fast-paced environment quickly iterating and shipping full-stack products with polished UIs and robust backends
  • Excitement about crypto and the open web
  • Ownership mindset - you are opinionated, independent, and thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills

Nice to Have

  • An eye for design
  • Familiarity with CosmWasm & dapp development
  • A fast-moving, empowering, and fun work environment
  • Competitive base salary
  • Meaningful equity
  • A growing company with highly talented individuals
  • Work remotely with flexible working conditions and hours
  • Team off-sites & crypto conferences at fun locations
  • As an early team member, set the culture and the foundations here.


Please mention the CleverJobs when you apply.

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