Experienced Software Engineer (Java) at Counterpointe Solutions, Inc.

1 month ago Development & Programming Middle, Senior Full-Time

We are looking for experienced doers that continually improve their skill by collaborating with a team of professionals that share knowledge and are dedicated to growing their careers.

To be Considered as a Qualified Candidate, Applicants should have the following.. and have answered ALL Indeed.com qualification screening questions:

  • · B.S. or greater in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related discipline
  • · At least 4 or more years of on-the-job programming experience as a Software Developer Software Engineer, not including internships or school project work.
  • · Experience with agile techniques, especially Kanban
  • · Experience with modern programming languages (e.g., Java, Typescript, JavaScript)
  • · Experience with commonly used open-source products (e.g., Jackson, Hibernate, Angular, Maven)
  • · Experience with Business-Driven Development approaches and technologies (e.g., Specification by Example, Cucumber)
  • · Experience with application servers (e.g., Tomcat, Wildfly)
  • · Experience with Git
  • · Experience with collaboration tools (e.g., Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, Nexus, Bitbucket)
  • · Experience facing clients as well as requirements gathering
  • · US Citizenship or Green Card Holder*
  • *Because of the contractual requirements of our US Government clients, we can only consider applicants who can demonstrate proof of US Citizenship or Green Card holders.

Job Description and Responsibilities for Experienced Software Developer Software Engineer.

  • At least 4 years of on the job experience
  • Counterpointe Inc. is seeking experienced Software Developers / Software Engineers who will have the ability to work remotely anywhere in the USA.
  • Applicants should have 4 years of on-the-job Software Developer Software Engineer experience at the very minimum working with Java.
  • 4 year’s years’ experience does NOT include project or internship work.
  • A plus is experience working as part of or leading a development team, facing clients and gathering requirements.
  • We are looking for experienced doers that continually improve their skill by collaborating with a team of professionals that share knowledge and are dedicated to growing their careers.
  • You will specialize within and across full stack development activities as part of an Agile team, attending and participating in daily standups and weekly retrospectives while working closely with team members daily.
  • You will participate across software development lifecycles, including supporting and leading component design, development, and test activities, along with involvement in the requirements gathering process.
  • You will collaboratively work with internal and external team members as well as the client, applying knowledge of multiple design principles, open-source frameworks, and tools to achieve desired project outcomes with high initial quality.

The duties of this job require a high degree of specialized expertise and skill in maintaining established standards of quality and accuracy. Drive, discipline, orientation to detail and the determination to consistently deliver a quality product are highly desired.

The job environment is structured, and job expectations are clear, while the pace of the work is faster than average. The work requires specialized technical problem solving and ingenuity while working within approved organizational systems and technology. New ideas and concepts are embraced and carefully analyzed and tested before communication and adoption.

At times the job may involve managing others and there is a need for someone who can exercise the necessary authority to assure policies and procedures are followed and time frames are met. Additionally, it is necessary to give subordinates structured opportunity to develop their own expertise and capability for quality work to assure effective delegation and shared responsibility for work output. Coaching and training support for achieving effective delegation will be required and experience to that end is desired.

The position encompasses a defined span of control and opportunity for someone who engenders trust, demonstrates a sense of urgency and assures consistent achievement of quality standards. The work requires making decisions that support company guidelines authoritatively and quickly.

Proficiencies, competencies and expectations for this position:

Lead tasks by leveraging a deep understanding of functional and/or technical concepts, nuanced analytical skills, and expanded ability to understand how to impact the client.


Data Gathering & Analysis

  • · manages multiple data collection, analysis, and interpretation efforts and ensures that data drives decision making across team members
  • · leads client communications in at least one project-specific area
  • · leverages existing approaches, tailoring them for each project
  • · uses unassailable data to drive individual decisions
  • · owns, manages, and directs tasking approaches, actively eliminating problems and blocking issues


  • · asks probing questions
  • · primary author for client or internal deliverables
  • · recommends approaches to tasking
  • · connects interdependencies to formulate strategic action plans that are positioned to maximize plan consumption
  • · drives actions to closure through persuasive communication
  • · decides and communicates which standard applies to the current situation and ensures compliance
  • · refines standards as needed

People Impact

  • · provides career and development guidance outside of the immediate team
  • · builds a strong network
  • · demonstrates trusts by delegating to peers or junior staff to enable the tackling of higher-level responsibilities



  • · demonstrates initiative and adds leverage
  • · active participant in delivery via recurring, direct client interactions
  • · leads development of specific deliverable, meeting associated deadlines, and assumes responsibility for the deliverable
  • · anticipates issues and preemptively works to address them


  • · adapts and multi-tasks to various clients and work environments
  • · ensures that assignments are in line with established quality control concepts
  • · pursues the best possible results

Expertise/Personal Capabilities

  • · applies knowledge across assignments to ensure the development of quality deliverables
  • · seeks out advice from others and demonstrably implements feedback

Corporate Capabilities

  • · demonstrates a strong understanding of the company's capabilities
  • · leverages external expertise to collaboratively impact client and company engagements


· leads others on a sustained basis across a multitude of assignments

· shares resources and expertise beyond the immediate team to help overall corporate execution

The Interview Process

Counterpointe is a small company and is very discerning in its hiring practices. The interview process consists of 4 steps. It begins with an invitation from our recruiter for qualified candidates, to take 2 assessments one cognitive and one behavioral from The Predictive Index. If an applicant matches our job target profile for the position, they will be contacted by our recruiter and invited for an initial interview. If they are successful in the initial interview, they will be invited for a technical evaluation of their knowledge. If they are successful passing the technical evaluation, they will be invited for a 2-hour “team interview”. The Team Interview is the final step, conducted by 8 Counterpointe employees who will evaluate the applicant’s depth of knowledge and communication skills. We move quickly and you will not be left hanging awaiting our determinaton.

The Company

Counterpointe is a small company of 38 Software Developers Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Functional Specialists who consider their working peers as second family.

If you are looking for a challenging opportunity to exercise your problem-solving skills in a fast-paced, Agile environment and have a passion for collaborating to deliver delightful development experiences and want to know that your ideas and input are considered valuable assets, then this job is for you.

Founded in 2005, Counterpointe’s dedication to quality, leadership, and outstanding service has earned us a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. Our value-added business approach stresses long-term customer relationships through innovation, excellence, and integrity. Our Headquarters are located just outside of Washington, DC in McLean VA, and we are looking for qualified candidates who are interested in becoming part of our team either remotely or in Virginia.

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)
  • 401(k) matching
  • Dental insurance
  • Flexible schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance
  • Referral program
  • Vision insurance

Application Question(s):

  • Are you aware that failure to answer ALL screening questions will disqualify you for consideration for this position and that your application will NOT be considered?
  • Because we have US Government clients who require Counterpointe to employ only US Citizens or Green Card holders, we must first ask the following question. Are you a U.S. Citizen? (please answer Yes or No)
  • Because we have US Government clients who require Counterpointe to employ only US Citizens or Green Card holders, we must first ask the following question. Are you a Green Card holder? (please answer Yes or No)
  • What is your Email address?
  • Do you have at least 3 years of "on the job" experience with Business-Driven Development approaches and technologies (e.g., Test Driven Development, Specification by Example, Cucumber)?
  • Do you have at least 3 years of "on the job" experience with commonly used open-source products (e.g., Jackson, Hibernate, Angular, Maven)?
  • Do you have at least 3 years of "on the job" experience with application servers (e.g., Tomcat, Wildfly)?
  • Do you have at least 3 years of "on the job" experience with collaboration tools (e.g., Jenkins, JIRA, Confluence, Nexus, Bitbucket)?
  • How many years of experience do you have working in an Agile environment?

Dear Applicant,

We strive to make our application process as simple as possible and we are mindful that applying for employment can be rigorous, and time consuming. We have a reason behind every screening question we ask, and we appreciate your complete answers.

We use Indeed to find our applicants.

One thing Indeed does not do well is parsing resumes. If you have uploaded your resume to indeed when you originally created your Indeed profile, check to see that it has not been parsed and de-formatted by Indeed.

We prefer your original resume PDF as you created it, rather than an Indeed parsed resume. Please check to insure your resume is the original. That format will present you in the best light to shine.

We want you to know that we thank you for your interest in Counterpointe as an employer and sincerely Thank You for the time investment in applying for this position.


  • Bachelor's (Required)


  • on the job Java, Typescript, JavaScript: 4 years (Required)
  • on the job programming (EXCLUDING internships): 4 years (Required)
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