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1 month ago Development & Programming Intern Part-Time

An apprenticeship is a blend of real-world experience and academic learning. Apprentices work alongside experienced staff, gaining hands-on experience while also studying to earn a formal qualification. This earn-while-you-learn model ensures that you develop practical skills and knowledge simultaneously.

Key Requirements:

  • Must be physically based in England
  • Must hold a British Passport or ILR status
  • Strong work ethic, high energy levels, and a desire for continuous education
  • Motivated by opportunities and long-term career prospects

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At, we're committed to connecting job seekers with the most exciting opportunities in fast-growing scale-up companies. As an exclusive job board, we offer unparalleled access to comprehensive research, helping you identify and join the most promising scale-ups. We're excited to extend our offerings to include apprenticeships, providing a unique pathway for ambitious individuals to kick-start their careers.

How It Works:

  • "Earn while you learn" is the concept behind Apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeships are available from Level 2 (GCSE) to Level 7 (Degree), with a focus on Level 6 and 7 (Degree level).
  • The minimum salary for an apprentice is £6.40 per hour for the first year, increasing to £11.44 per hour thereafter.
  • Apprentices split their time between working at a company and studying, typically spending 20% of their working hours on academic pursuits.

Talent Giants Apprenticeship Opportunities:

1. Software Engineering Apprentice

  • Develop coding and programming skills
  • Work on real projects, contributing to innovative software solutions
  • Gain experience with modern development tools and methodologies, i.e. Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, etc.

2. Digital Marketing Executive Apprentice

  • Learn about digital marketing strategies, including SEO, PPC, and social media
  • Assist in creating and managing marketing campaigns
  • Analyse marketing data to optimise campaign performance

3. Talent Acquisition Coordinator Apprentice

  • Support the recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding
  • Develop skills in candidate assessment and interview techniques
  • Work with HR software and systems to streamline recruitment activities

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