Mahmoud Alserhi

Senior Mobile Developer

Are you looking for a freelancer to help you develop your idea into an application? then you are in the right place!

Here is a mobile application developer (Android/iOS), using the work environment (Flutter), I do the work with all professionalism, you finally get flexible, fast, and eye-catching applications that fully meet your request.

I am completely confident that you will not need to deal with any other mobile application programmer for a simple reason because I will be interested in satisfying you.

⭐My skills:

️- Professionally application interfaces are suitable for all screen sizes of phones.

- Dealing with the Application Programming Interface (API).

-️ Dealing with Firebase.

- Dealing with Payment Gateways.

- Dealing with databases

- Dealing with Google Maps.

️- Dealing with State Management (GetX-BLOC).

️- Upload the code on GitHub.

️- Export and upload applications on the App Store / Google Play.

- Clean Code.

- Problem Solving.

⭐ Programs I master:

- Android Studio.

- Visual Studio Code.

- Postman (API).

- GitHub.

- Adobe XD.

In the end, make sure that your satisfaction and evaluation are more important than your money.

Don't waste your time thinking, talk to me anytime.

I am always here and I will be waiting for you!