Michael Solomon Keffa

Software Engineer

Hello! I am Michael Solomon, a highly skilled and experienced Full Stack Developer with expertise in both MERN Stack and Flutter development. With 3 years of hands on experience, I specialize in building robust web applications using the MERN stack and developing cross platform mobile applications using Flutter.


MERN Stack Development: I excel in developing end to end web solutions using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. I have a deep understanding of front end and back end development, RESTful API design, database management, and version control using Git.

Flutter App Development: I have a strong command of Flutter, a popular cross platform framework, and can create beautiful and performant mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. I am proficient in Dart programming language and have experience with Flutter UI development, state management, and integration of third party libraries.

Front End Development: I am skilled in front end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React.js. I have a keen eye for design and strive to deliver visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces.

Back End Development: I am proficient in server side programming using Node.js and Express.js. I have extensive experience in designing and developing RESTful APIs, handling data storage and retrieval using MongoDB, and implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Database Management: I have a strong command over MongoDB and can efficiently design database schemas, perform complex queries, and optimize database performance. I am also familiar with SQL databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Version Control and Deployment: I am well versed in Git and have experience with continuous integration and deployment using platforms like GitHub and Heroku. I can ensure smooth collaboration, version control, and seamless deployment of applications.

Why hire me?

Extensive Experience: With 3 years of experience, I have successfully delivered numerous projects, meeting clients requirements and exceeding expectations. I understand the development lifecycle and can effectively manage projects from inception to deployment.

Strong Communication: I believe in clear and transparent communication with my clients. I actively listen to their needs, provide regular updates, and promptly address any concerns or queries throughout the development process.

Problem solving Skills: I am a resourceful problem solver who can quickly analyze complex issues and implement effective solutions. I am committed to delivering high quality code that is scalable, maintainable, and adheres to best practices.

Dedication to Client Satisfaction: Client satisfaction is my top priority. I am committed to delivering projects on time, within budget, and with the highest level of quality. I strive to build long term relationships with my clients based on trust and mutual success.

If youre looking for a skilled MERN Stack Developer who can bring your web application ideas to life, I would be thrilled to collaborate with you. Lets discuss your project requirements and create something amazing together!


Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering: Addis Ababa University, 2023 (3.92 / 4.00 GPA)