Lucas Amaral

Data Scientist

Hello, I am Lucas, I am an MSC in Artificial Intelligence. I am a Data Scientist and Machine Learning engineer. I've been working on industrial related projects, creating apps that use Machine Learning. Being more detailed, I am responsible by find models that could solve the problem I am working, and then do data cleaning/acquiring process, train or fine-tuning deep learning models, and implementing or deploy these models on other languages that are not Python. On the side more close to Data Analysis, I've worked on sign language recognition and econometrics, focusing on show graphics that might lead to decision on what stocks could on a long term result in an increased of invested, remove noise from stock data, and apply deep models or non-black-box models to predict a future stock value or see what risk these stocks could have in the future, and on sign language I've worked to find good patterns that could lead to best results on classification, create sets of words (signs) that are related on morphological side and choose what representation (angle, Cartesian pose, color image, depth image, etc...) could lead to more gains in classification and performance.