MIkhail Lukyaniuk

Java Sofware Engineer

• Looking for a job as a java backend developer.

• The last project was quite voluminous (banking system for the sale of products, the number of users is about 15 thousand per day), the development was carried out from the very beginning, the application architecture was developed, the system of tables in the database, the entire range of development of the backend part of the application, REST API in accordance with business requirements, application security settings using Spring Security, development was carried out in Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL database, also used Maven, Git, Jenkins, my tasks included writing REST services in accordance with business requirements, the corresponding query to the database, as well as preparing the database (creating the necessary tables, migrating the database, using Liquibase), as well as deploying the application to the stands, first using just the command line capabilities in the Linux system, and then using Jenkins, also when implementing business tasks, it was necessary to integrate with third-party services of related teams (for example, with their REST services or with Apache Kafka message brokers) as well as, for example, with mailing services of Microsoft (such as Microsoft Exchange), also my responsibilities included writing Unit Tests and Integration Tests.

• Technologies/tools/frameworks which I used: Java, SQL(PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL), Hibernate, MongoDB, Spring Framework (Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Data), Jenkins, SonarQube, Docker, microservices, Maven, Git, Apache Kafka, Liquibase, Mockito, JUnit.

• Level of English - B2 (higher than average)